I’ve been contributing at Ars Technica since mid-2011. You can view all my stories there at this link. I currently do communication and outreach for UNAVCO, an organization that operates instrument and data networks for geodetic research in the US.


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Rethinking the way colleges teach critical thinking” -Scientific American Guest Blog
On the science communication value of communicating ‘scientific consensus‘” – Guest post, CulturalCognition.net
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Volcanic Activity, Not Giant Bears, Created Enigmatic Devils Tower” Scientific American (online)
A three-part introduction to geoengineering for Medium

Climate Feedback

I was previously Science Editor for ClimateFeedback.org, a site where climate scientists review news stories as part of an effort to improve climate journalism.


I’ve been interviewed by CJOB in Winnipeg (on human facial recognition in crows), AM760 in Denver (on critical thinking in higher education), on the Radio Ecoshock podcast (about the apocalyptic climate claims of Guy McPherson),  by TWiT.tv’s Tech News Today (about research on social media echo chambers), and by NewsTalk Florida (about an Arctic sea ice geoengineering study).

I’m also into photography (some examples here, plus some geologic GigaPans) and have experience creating, editing, and script-writing for video.