General Climate Discussion (1)

Due to the incredible (and continuing) response in the comments on my post about Guy McPherson, I’m creating a fresh thread for general discussions or questions about climate here. Any comments specific to the Guy McPherson post can continue there.

Understanding strike and dip on geologic maps

Understanding strike and dip on geologic maps

In order to understand geology, we need to think about the rocks below our feet in three dimensions. Those spatial relationships— what’s on top of what, how rocks are faulted or folded— give us all kinds of interesting information. While maps are useful in all kinds of ways, they’re a little lacking in the 3-D … Continue reading

How Guy McPherson gets it wrong

Recently, a few Ars Technica commenters have been posting references to the work of Guy McPherson on climate articles. McPherson is a retired professor of ecology at the University of Arizona, and he runs a blog called Nature Bats Last. In recent years, he has turned his energies to dire warnings of impending climate catastrophe. Those warnings go … Continue reading

Two-channel communication and the sci comm broadcast

The following thoughts are hopefully instructively wrong. The idea that science communication inherently occurs via two channels– meaning and content– strikes me as one of the most useful ways of thinking about it. The content entails the information, be it news of a fresh study or an explanation of some concept, and the meaning is … Continue reading