General Climate Discussion #4

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  1. Some folks still claim, CO2- Emissions stalled or declined. Sorry, but real measurements show a complete different picture:

    I met a lot of people, who just don’t want to realize reality, they paint it according to their wishful thinking instead. Uhm they should take some little detail into account:

    Wishful thinking can not survive.


    1. ” 11.7.2016- Leaked TTIP energy proposal could ‘sabotage’ EU climate policy”

      You can not have both, blind hardcore capitalism a la american XXL style and reasonable climate mitigation, socioeconomic justice, environmental policies ect. Just bring on TTIP, CETA and all that shit and you will see the EU further fall apart. You can not have everything. That simple.


      1. See, you are an americano, but I am a european. TTIP might be good for american business, but it is a pain in the ass for european citizens. Just ask the european CITIZENS about that, not the banks nor the multinational corporations. You want hardcore capitalism AND reasonable climate mitigation? Hahaha, more wishful thinking. Like I said repeatedly:

        You can not have the cake and eat it at the same time- unless you want to die of suffocation.


      2. You like TTIP? Then you are with Exxon Mobil:

        ” In 2013, the EU’s trade commissioner Karel de Gucht promised the multinational oil giant Exxon that the energy chapter would remove obstacles to its expansion plans in Africa and South America.”

        Surprise? Not really. Man, I don’t know, how long I can stand all that insane shit. No matter, what dirty deals you look at, you will always find Exxon Mobil et al behind it. Gnahahaha, what’s more to say about the future? I can tell you:



      3. bobcobbblog, “blah, blah, blah” isn’t a constructive comment at all ;-) But just go on with “blah, blah, blah” (sounds like the song of a sheep^^), just like the EU politicians and enjoy the climate mitigation undermining and the selfdestruction of the EU.


      4. bobcobbblog, you like TTIP and the suicidal turbo capitalism of the EU? Nice. I am sure, Exxon Mobil et al would be proud of you :-)


      5. ” ‘Breathtaking’: Corruption cost in EU equals its annual budget”

        Corruption is estimated to cost EU member states no less than 100 billion € each year, and that is the equivalent of EU annual budget… the extend of the problem is breathtaking

        After all, the EU herself is giving EU critics like Great Britain billions of reasonable arguments for leaving the EU ! Bad luck for the EU. In fact, the EU is STUPID to suck out it’s very own citizens, while hoping for smiling faces within the EU at the very same time. The only smiling faces are the banks and the multinational corporations. Let’s see, how long their smile will last 8-)


      6. Yah, I know that^^ Dear bobcobbblog, do you want to know, when I will really start sweating? When the arctic sea ice will be gone, not because of some funny bet 8-) You know, to shut up for one month wouldn’t be some big loss, would it?


      7. About the EU:

        I’d LOVE to see the EU countries in a big, loving community. I swear: I’d love to see that. But it’s just not the case, it’s not reality. And, honestly:

        HOW could that ever happen, when EVERYTHING is always just about fuckin funny MONEY ?!

        What kind of “friendship” is that, where everybody just spies on everybody else and everything is just about money, money, money ?! Have you ever heard that german saying?:

        Money destroys friendship.

        This is what you get as a result of a “culture”, where everything is just about fuckin funny money:


      8. Quote of “50 Cent, Money”:

        ” When no money’s comin in, that’s when the guns come out.”

        Now, I am no fan of money, I am no fan of 50 cent either, but that line is explosive, quite prophetic. It says quite a lot about the world, we are living in. And it’s not just about small street gangsters, it’s about modern society as a whole.


      9. Brethren and sistren, behold!, we need some exorzism-

        Reverend Billy exorcizes BP at Tate Modern

        Reverend Billy Deutschbank Exorcism

        Money isn’t evil, it’s only colored paper, but human greed for money is not just evil, but suicidal as well.


      10. Yup, currently (at least, last time I looked; currently NSIDC servers are out for maintenance) 2016 is high of 2012 but for a long time it was below 2012. Who knows what it will be in 2 months. I’ve never predicted a low this year but, to me, it seemed like there was at least at much chance of a record low as not. At this point I think it’s still too close to call (but I have checked NSIDC charts for a few days, though one different chart I saw had 2016 lower than 2012 6 days ago) but we’ll see sometime in September.


      1. SJ,
        Yeah, I tend to think people are making a bit much out of it. BTW, Nemesis’ post counts and subject matter are starting to get out of control again. I’m just ignoring Mike. No sense in talking to someone I vehemently disagree with lol


      2. If deals like the TTIP and TPPA include self regulation and the ability for companies to sue governments over rules that companies deem reduce their ability to market their products, then such deals are clearly ant-environmental. Whether the TTIP would be counter to EU’s supposed emissions goals is obviously debatable but, surely, it brings into question a country’s ability to legislate freely to protect the environment.


      3. TTIP is nothing but a bad joke, an affront against intelligence. Like I said:

        If anyone wants to see more countries leaving the EU, then just bring on TTIP.

        ” TTIP: Top 5 Concerns and Criticism”


        ” BTW, Nemesis’ post counts and subject matter are starting to get out of control again”

        Take it as a sign of the times: Rising sea levels, rising temperature, rising comment frequency.


  2. Capitalism does not like prosecution of anthropogenic climate change denial:

    ” Prosecuting Climate Dissent

    Sheldon Whitehouse got his man. The Rhode Island Senator has been lobbying for prosecutions of oil and gas companies over climate change, and New York Attorney General and progressive activist Eric Schneiderman has now obliged by opening a subpoena assault on Exxon Mobil. This marks a dangerous new escalation of the left’s attempt to stamp out all disagreement on global-warming science and policy.…”

    Damned, why does capitalism resp. “The Wall Street Journal” not like prosecution of anthropogenic climate change denial ?! I can tell you:

    Because capitalism resp. “The Wall Street Journal” knows, that prosecution of anthropogenic climate change denial is INCOMPATIBLE with PROFIT, the TRUTH is incompatible with Wall Street. But I got a different message and it goes like this:

    Funny economic profit is incompatible with survival.

    But they will NEVER learn that, until we meet at the boneyard alltogether.


  3. Anyone surprised about terror groups like Boko Harum or ISIS? I am not surprised. I just have to think about, what happened and still happens to the african continent during colionalism and recent corporate-neo-colonialism. The situation in many african countries is a complete desaster, a constant situation of devastation, hopelessness and sheer horror. Most of the victims are civil citizens, as usual, not terrorists, not soldiers. Civil citizens get killed by terrorists and get also killed by soldiers or police.

    Look at Nigeria for instance. The civil population gets wiped by Boko Haram terrorists and police/soldiers. It’s a nightmare, it’s the dirty price for dirty (western!) exploitation of african oil for instance:

    ” 3.6.2016 – How Corruption And Oil Crime Are Tearing Nigeria Apart

    Political risk has always been a part of oil business, and today’s situation in Nigeria is no exception. Over the past several months the insurgency in the Niger River delta has devastated the Nigerian oil industry, with the country’s production being halved from 2.2 to 1.4 million barrels per day. The severity of attacks not only affected Nigeria’s oil production, but also the global markets. Accordingly, Angola has surpassed Nigeria as Africa’s largest oil producer while global oil prices have hiked to $49 per barrel…”

    ” Drill and Kill: Nigeria’s Oil Crimes

    “There is a symbiotic relationship between the military dictatorship and the multinational companies who grease the palms of those who rule… They are assassins in foreign lands. They drill and they kill in Nigeria.”

    Ecocid, eco crimes of unimaginable proportions, commited for OIL, one of the most dirty ressources of modern times. We should not forget:

    The price for oil is not “only” anthropogenic, global climate change, but sheer murder too. Are we afraid of african terror groups like Boko Haram and ISIS? Well, maybe we should stop greedy, dirty exploitation of whole continents, if we don’t want to see that terror spreading more and ever more over the planet until it’s at our very own doorstep. Like 50 Cent said in his song, called “Money”:

    ” When no money’s coming in, that’s when the guns come out.”


      1. The report Amnesty International Nigeria: Petroleum, Pollution and Poverty in the Niger Delta – Report PDFreleased in June 30, 2009 by Amnesty International exposes the following violations in the human rights:

        The main human rights issues raised in this report are:

        Violations of the right to an adequate standard of living, including the right to food – as a consequence of the impact of oil-related pollution and environmental damage on agriculture and fisheries, which are the main sources of food for many people in the Niger Delta.

        Violations of the right to gain a living through work – also as a consequence of widespread damage to agriculture and fisheries, because these are also the main sources of livelihood for many people in the Niger Delta.

        Violations of the right to water – which occur when oil spills and waste materials pollute water used for drinking and other domestic purposes.
        Violations of the right to health – which arise from failure to secure the underlying determinants of health, including a healthy environment, and failure to enforce laws to protect the environment and prevent pollution.

        The absence of any adequate monitoring of the human impacts of oil-related pollution – despite the fact that the oil industry in the Niger Delta is operating in quite a densely populated area characterized by high levels of poverty and vulnerability.

        Failure to provide affected communities with adequate information or ensure consultation on the impacts of oil operations on their human rights.

        Failure to ensure access to effective remedy for people whose human rights have been violated.

        Click to access afr440172009en.pdf

        Do we want more terror, more insanity, more crimes, more exploitation, more climate change? Then we should go on with BAU.


  4. ” Keep it on the ground”? No, that’s not going to happen:

    ” 12.7.2016 – Why Obama’s top scientist just called keeping fossil fuels in the ground ‘unrealistic’

    “When asked whether it was feasible to leave all the remaining fossil fuels in the ground, Dr. Holdren noted that it is not, because the U.S. — and the world — still depend on fossil fuels for more than 80 percent of all the primary energy we use,” said White House spokeswoman Lindsey Geisler said in an email. “It’s not practical or affordable to replace the huge, fossil-fuel infrastructure with nuclear and renewables overnight, no matter how badly we may want to. As a result, the U.S. will be using fossil fuels for decades to come…

    In one sense, Holdren’s remarks could be viewed as simply stating what’s already known. Indeed, wind and solar provided a little over 5 percent of U.S. electricity last year. Meanwhile, a key driver of the recent U.S. trend toward “cleaner” energy has not been burning less fossil fuels, but rather the swapping of one fossil fuel for another…

    Ya, I see…. well then, go on with BAU.


    1. … and please:

      Don’t stop believing, that CO2 emissions are in decline and everything will be fine.


      1. Meanwhile, BP says, CO2 emissions have stalled in 2015:

        ” BP Stats Review 2016: CO2″

        Yap, we surely can believe in BP, can’t we, bobcobbblog?

        Related facts can be found here:

        ” Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand what is real. Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, hearing voices, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and a lack of motivation. People with schizophrenia often have additional mental health problems such as anxiety disorders, major depressive illness, or substance use disorder. Symptoms typically come on gradually, begin in young adulthood, and last a long time…”

        Cheers to BP et al!


    2. Nemesis,
      Its called reality and making a renewable transition that doesn’t throw the world into chaos. Believe it or not, you can’t get rid of fossil fuels overnight.


  5. @bobcobbblog

    You said this, when I talked about the system’s lifeBLOOD: Money, money, money:

    ” Nemesis’ post counts and SUBJECT MATTER are starting to get out of control again.”

    You think, money is not related to anthropogenic climate change? Then please tell me, why Jason Box said this today:

    In DC, to understand why things are, follow the $.
    On glaciers, to understand climate sensitivity, dynamics & mass balance, follow the melt.”

    Why does beautiful Jason Box say such ugly things? Any idea ?!


      1. Right- but that doesn’t make it better ;-) Money, money, money, as I said. So, money got a lot to do with anthropogenic climate change. Funny, isn’t it? I mean, it’s just colored paper, but it rules the world and it seduces some folks to do some real studpid shit, right? Yes, it’s a funny world. But that’s ok. If it wasn’t a funny world, I wouldn’t have THAT much fun. Go on entertaining me, bobcobbblog, I like it :-)


  6. @bobcobbblog

    Doesn’t that sound like a recap of what I said during the last couple of months?:

    ” 13.7.2016 – ‘The extraordinary years have become the normal years’: Scientists survey radical melt in the Arctic

    A group of scientists studying a broad range of Arctic systems — from sea ice to permafrost to the Greenland ice sheet — gathered in D.C. Wednesday to lay out just how extreme a year 2016 has been so far for the northern cap of the planet.

    “I see the situation as a train going downhill,” said Marco Tedesco, who studies Greenland at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University. “And the feedback mechanisms in the Arctic [are] the slope of your hill. And it gets harder and harder to stop it.”

    The word “record” was uttered repeatedly at the event at the National Press Club, which was sponsored by SEARCH (the Study of Environmental Arctic Change). Walt Meier, a scientist with NASA who studies Arctic sea ice, laid out a series of “really extreme conditions” that began with sharply anomalous above-freezing temperatures at the North Pole for a short stint during the winter, and then led to large early breakups of ice above Alaska and in other regions. Overall, the Arctic sea ice extent has been at record lows for five out of six months so far this year.

    “We’ve lost about twice the size of the state of Alaska in terms of area,” said Meier, referring to the long-term trend in Arctic sea ice over the past several decades. “It’s also thinning as well, we’ve lost about 50 percent of the thickness. And this is happening more rapidly than even the most aggressive climate models.”

    A series of researchers covering other Arctic systems then proceeded to tell very similar tales:

    * For Greenland, April through June temperatures were about 3 degrees Celsius above the long-term average, said Tedesco — a new high. “The surface temperature set new records for April to June 2016,” he said. The peak moment for Greenland melting each year is right around now, and it isn’t clear whether the overall loss of water will match a staggering more than 500 billion tons in 2012, but it is already possible to say that “2016 is among the top years for melting,” Tedesco said.
    * For Northern Hemisphere snow cover, the spring of 2016 set a new record low, said David Robinson, who runs the Rutgers University Global Snow Lab. “We lost the snow earlier than any time in record … throughout the Northern Hemisphere,” Robinson said.
    * For thawing permafrost — carbon-packed soil layers that have the potential to spill even more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as they warm — 2015 showed “record high temperatures” in measuring sites in Alaska, said Ted Schuur, who studies permafrost and wildfires at Arizona State University. But preliminary indicators, Shuur said, “point toward 2016 being a new record year.”

    * For the Northern Hemisphere jet stream, which appears to be becoming more wavy and loopy in nature as the Arctic warms faster than the mid-latitudes, conditions in 2016 have once again been ripe for strange behavior, said Jennifer Francis, an Arctic researcher at Rutgers. “The difference in the temperature change between the Arctic in the mid-latitudes is at an all-time record high,” said Francis. “This is what we call Arctic amplification.”

    The most troubling aspect of all of this, and a recurrent theme of the talks, was the researchers’ emphasis on how changes in the Arctic are not necessarily linear in nature as global warming grows — once you cross the freezing point, notes Robinson, it’s a total phase change for water, plain and simple — and that the system is laden with feedback processes, which amplify themselves.”

    Now, did I exaggerate at any time?


    1. @SJ

      I listened to your radio ecoshock interview about McPherson’s I appreciate your style more than McPherson’s style. Recently, some folks challenged his 2030 prediction at NBL and he began to stumble and got vague in his replies. He said something like he never said 2030 and bashed these folks. After all, he closed comments at NBL for 4 weeks, haha. Anyway, 2030 is a number like million other numbers. It’s not about the numbers, it never was, it’s about the system. The problem is SYSTEMIC. And that’s a point for McPherson.

      … man, we should take care, that we don’t get extinct in 2031 ;-)


      1. Btw: If modern, rational, materialist “philosophy” is right, then there is just NOTHING after death, so nobody would miss anything at all after numan extinction. Well, may gawd in heaven would miss us, but I am really not quite sure about that 8-)


      2. And if modern “philosophy” is wrong, well then the fun just goes on after death and extinction. What’s better? Nothing or eternal fun? I don’t know, I just enjoy the music and have my fun anyway. I hope, you too 8-)


    2. Again, Nemesis, you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know. As if your posting hysteria makes it new…


      1. I know, you know a lot. Hysteria? Not really. I am cooler, than the arctic. To me, it’s just about the Music. See, I am at the wrong blog, I hould follow the guitar, not the money.


      2. ” As if your posting hysteria makes it new…”

        Right, when things happen, it’s no news anymore. Thanks for another educational comment of yours.


  7. At least, vacationers don’t get nerveous just because of some funny wildfires (southern Europe right now):

    Now, THAT’S GOOD news, bobcobbblog, isn’t it?


    1. … you know, vacationers just don’t like poor, dirty, lazy refugees on clean, sober european beaches, who just want to steal our well-deserved money… well, that’s understandable, isn’t it, bobcobbblog?

      I mean, holiday is no fun anymore, if there are dead refugee bodies pollute sober and clean beaches…


      1. Ich schwöre:

        Das Leiden der “Anderen” wird schon morgen unser eigenes Leiden sein.


  8. @bobcobbblog

    Wanna learn more about the Brexit resp. the EU and how to turn a blind eye on social injustice? Watch this about the past and you will understand the present, the Brexit and future exits of other european countries a bit better. History is slow sometimes- but no one will ever stop it and I like that:

    ” If the young are not initiated into the village, they will burn it down just to feel its warmth.” — African Proverb.”


    1. Quote of the past about the 2011 UK riots from a sober, clean, wealthy man, who just needs to find a new job now:

      ” This is not about political protest or a riot about protest, about politics, it was criminal thieving, robbing and looting and we don’t need an inquiry to tell us that!”

      David Cameron, former premierminister of the UK

      Bye, bye, Mr. Cameron 8-)


      1. Let’s talk straight now, time runs shorter with every minute:

        The system of ever distributing goods from bottom to top will soon be over. No, I am not calling for a revolution. IMO, the last chance for a reasonable revolution was in the 60s, but that revolution had been beaten down by brute force. NOW the WARNING is a much bigger one, a harder one, an ultimate one:

        Mother Nature is right at our doorstep and SHE is angry, very, very angry.

        We are all in the same boat. Either we work together globally, or we will go down globally. See, no brute force will ever beat down Mother Nature. You can’t conquer Her with lies, you can’t conquer Her with doublespeak, you can’t beat Her down with police clubs, bullets, tanks, water guns, you can’t buy Her with money (gnahahaha). Now, THAT’S no fun for the “elite”, the 1%. Here, they got the ultimate opponent, totally resistent against their complete arsenal. Yes, they thought, they could handle Her with technology and deliberate time-wasting, gnahahaha. Not much longer.

        EVERYTHING is interconnected. We need VOLUNTARY, GLOBAL UNITY. The global (socio-) economic climate is connected to the physical global climate. Do you realize that? You can not have a healthy physical climate within an unhealthy (socio-) economic climate. We should learn that from Exxon Mobil et al. They thought, they could avoid the climate catastrophe through dirty work, dirty denial, dirty tactics. But Mother Nature isn’t impressed in any way, She got Her very own tactics, gnahahaha. Yes, the poor ones, the forgotten ones, the oppressed ones on this planet are DOWN THERE, but Mother Nature is with them, down there, Mother Nature is the very bottom of it all. Yes, dear “elite”, face the bottom finally:

        It’s Mother Nature and She is angry, very angry. And She can never be conquered. If the system does not change soon, Mother Nature Herself will wipe it out. You don’t believe it, Mr. Moneymaker, Mr. Politician, Mr. Policeman, Mr. Ignorance? Try it.


      2. I give you just one example out of a million:


        You think, moneymaker institutions like the EU and it’s TTIP plans can not interfere climate mitigation? Well, it goes like this:

        Ignore blatant social injustice, always prefer the wealthiest of society and beat down any social protest with brute force
        Sooner or later, the nationalists and hardliners (Trump and alike, you know^^) will happily join the game and gain more and more momentum
        Bingo! Now you won one Brexit. Want more? Just go back to point 1 and go on with that game
        When the nationalists and hardliners gained enough momentum, they finally come to power, see next point^^
        Now, we reached the next level, a more global level and THIS level might be the final level once and for all:

        ” 14.7.2016 – Climate change department killed off by Theresa May in ‘plain stupid’ and ‘deeply worrying’ move”

        Cheers from the United Kingdom. Want more? Start again at point 1.


      3. Can you stop posting so often and consolidate once in a while? It would be nice if you could cut down on the proselytizing instead of acting like the blind man on the street corner.


      4. Sorry, what do you mean by that?

        ” You’re jumping to conclusions far too quickly.”

        Please be a little more specific^^


      5. @bobcobbblog

        Ya, I can see clearly now, so thanks for the link you sent:

        ” India’s coal shift a double whammy for Indonesian exporters

        State-run Coal India is opening mines at the rate of one a month and expanding existing ones, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi fast-tracks environmental clearances to double output this decade and meet election promises to provide power to a population of 1.3 billion…”


      6. @bobcobbblog

        Were you refering to that piece?

        Well, then you should consider the other side of that coin, have fun:

        ” 15.7.2016 – Abolition of Decc ‘major setback for UK’s climate change efforts’

        Ex-ministers and environmental groups condemn decision to axe ministry as downgrading action to tackle climate change

        The abolition of the Department of Energy and Climate Change has been condemned by former ministers as a major setback to British efforts to combat global warming.

        Decc was closed in a series of sweeping changes to the government unveiled by the new prime minister, Theresa May, on Thursday. Its functions, which include representing the UK at international climate talks, responsibility for meeting carbon targets and levying subsidies for green energy, have been transferred to a beefed-up business department led by Greg Clark.

        But Ed Davey, who served as Liberal Democrat secretary of state at Decc between 2012 and 2015, criticised the decision.

        “This is a major setback for the UK’s climate change efforts. Greg Clark may be nice and he may even be green, but by downgrading the Whitehall status of climate change, Theresa May has hit low carbon investor confidence yet again,” he told the Guardian…”


      7. @bobcobbblog

        Greg Clark, UK, is nothing but another sheer industry sucker with absolutely NO climate science expertise whatsoever:

        ” Greg Clark – MP for Tunbridge Wells and SoS for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

        Search for the keyword “Climate change” on his twitter account- you will not find a single word refering to anthropogenic climate change, NOT A SINGLE ONE.




    ” Friday 15 July 2016 01.01 BST – Nice attack: arms found in truck that hit Bastille Day crowd killing 60 people, French officials say

    Barack Obama releases statement:

    On behalf of the American people, I condemn in the strongest terms what appears to be a horrific terrorist attack in Nice, France, which killed and wounded dozens of innocent civilians. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and other loved ones of those killed, and we wish a full recovery for the many wounded.

    I have directed my team to be in touch with French officials, and we have offered any assistance that they may need to investigate this attack and bring those responsible to justice. We stand in solidarity and partnership with France, our oldest ally, as they respond to and recover from this attack.

    On this Bastille Day, we are reminded of the extraordinary resilience and democratic values that have made France an inspiration to the entire world, and we know that the character of the French Republic will endure long after this devastating and tragic loss of life.”

    ” Angelique Chrisafis:

    A French parliamentary investigation into last year’s terrorist attacks on Paris last week identified multiple failings by France’s intelligence agencies.

    The parliamentary commission was set up to assess the failure to prevent a series of attacks that killed a total of 147 people in 2015 – from January’s gun attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices and a kosher grocery store to the coordinated gun and bomb attacks on 13 November outside the national sports stadium, at bars and restaurants and at a rock gig at the Bataclan concert hall.

    The commission highlighted a “global failure” of French intelligence and recommended a total overhaul of the intelligence services and the creation of a single, US-style national counter-terrorism agency.

    “Our country was not ready; now we must get ready,” said Georges Fenech, head of the commission.

    France has six intelligence units answering variously to the interior, defence and economy ministries.

    Fenech said the multi-layered, cumbersome intelligence apparatus was like an army of soldiers wearing lead boots.

    The French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve this week rejected the idea of a total overhaul of intelligence services. He said some of the report’s other recommendations were already being put in place.”


    1. With every terror attack, the hardliners will gain more momentum, to protect the citzens. We have seen similar things in the US regarded to 9/11 (Bush doctrine). There is martial law in French because of several terror attacks. Also there have been heavy social riots during the last couple of weeks (and years) in France. Is this the way, we will solve global anthropogenic climate change in the long run?


      1. Serious message to all hardliners, with hugs and kisses from Mother Earth:

        Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – chapter 76

        A man is born gentle and weak.
        At his death he is hard and stiff.
        Green plants are tender and filled with sap.
        At their death they are withered and dry.

        Therefore the stiff and unbending is the disciple of death.
        The gentle and yielding is the disciple of life.

        Thus an army without flexibility never wins a battle.
        A tree that is unbending is easily broken.

        The hard and strong will fall.
        The soft and weak will overcome.


  10. @bobcobbblog

    You think that I am “jumping to conclusions much too quickly” regarded to the killing of the UK Climate Change Department ? Well, lovely “Whatts up with that” favours the decision to kill the UK Climate Change Department, Anthony Watts comes to his very own conclusions:

    ” Britain abolishes the Department of Energy and Climate Change

    The Global Warming Policy Forum welcomes the decision by the new Government to abolish the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

    Both the GWPF and its chairman, Lord Lawson, have been calling for this much-needed rationalisation for several years.

    As the new government under Theresa May focuses on the much more important issues of economic growth, international competitiveness and leaving the European Union, the decision will provide vital savings. It is hoped that the abolition of DECC will also encourage a new emphasis on cost-effective policy-making.

    “Moving energy policy to the new Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy should give ministers a fresh impetus to ensure that the costs for consumers and businesses are driven down, not pushed further up,” said GWPF director Dr Benny Peiser.”

    About the “Global Warming Policy Forum”:

    ” The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) is a think tank in the United Kingdom, whose stated aims are to challenge “extremely damaging and harmful policies” envisaged by governments to mitigate anthropogenic global warming.[3][4] It has been accused of promoting climate-change denial.[5] In 2014, when the Charity Commission ruled that the GWPF had breached rules on impartiality, a non-charitable organisation called the “Global Warming Policy Forum” or “GWPF” was created as a wholly owned subsidiary, to do lobbying that a charity could not.

    The GWPF website carries an array of articles “skeptical” of scientific findings of anthropogenic global warming.”


  11. @bobcobbblog

    Sure, no news for you, but BAD NEWS for our planet’s climate:

    ” Professor Jason E. Box, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) joins Thom. June 2016 marked the lowest recorded level that arctic sea ice has ever hit in the month June – and that’s bad NEWS for our planet’s climate.”


      1. Why do you claim that I “ignored” that part? Man, you are STILL going on claiming that I am “not informed, that I need to gather more information blah blah and that I am ignoring the facts”?!

        What about the killing of the UK Climate Department? Do you still claim, that I am “jumping to conclusions much too quickl” ?!


      2. YOU need to concentrate on the facts TOO, not just me. BAD NEWS for the arctic, get that?


      3. Man, you are some strange guy. Every time I come up with facts, you try to put a spoke into my wheel and then, when I disproved your claims, you duck and wait for another opportunity to put a spoke into my wheel. You know, I learned about that kinda tactics very well on some different blogs and forums^^


    1. Just as a reminder- our bet is still wide open:

      ” Race continues for Arctic sea ice loss as recent large melt days (like today) have pushed 2016 below 2012 once again”


  12. @bobcobbblog

    About the global temperature trend:

    Months ago I said, that the trend in global temperature CHANGED, SPEEDED UP. You claimed the opposite, saying, there is no trend change. Let’s see:

    ” 11.7.2016 – We just broke the records for hottest year, nine straight times”

    The monthly records just GO ON now for 9 months and july will likely be the NEXT monthly record. No change in trend?!:

    ” 13.7.2016 – The extraordinary years have become the normal years,” said NASA’s Meier.”

    Now, what does that mean, “The extraordinary years have become the normal years”, if not a trend change ?!


  13. I have to say, I’m ABSOLUTELY SICK of loudmouth hate inspired terrorists and those who say we should try to understand their plight My life has been a hard one and I would never think to go around killing people just so everyone else can ‘feel my pain’. Most people wouldn’t. I’m the first one to say that countries should open their borders to refugees but it seems like every single time they do, some of those self same refugees turn around and start rioting in the streets demanding goods and services from countries that never had to open up their borders at all. Either that or the blasts begin again. Do people realize that middle eastern terrorists are holding the entire planet hostage?

    I still believe that most refugees are not associated with terrorism and I try to understand the frustration they must feel when some of their fellow countrymen decide to wreck their collective reputations. But I also understand when people are reluctant to take a chance with their safety in the first place.


    1. Right, and I hate to see, that these terrorists almost always kill completely innocent civilians. And I hate to see, that these terrorists are the main cause for the governments to cut back civil rights more and more. The problem with that is, that it didn’t prevent a single terror attack so far, but instead, the secret services fail almost all the time fatally, to prevent these attacks. These sick terror attacks don’t help the oppressed people on the planet in any way, but they cuase ever more cutbacks of CIVIL rights.


      1. You want to know, where these groups come from? Well, you always have to follow the money and ask, cui bono:

        ” Saudi Arabia is said to be the world’s largest source of funds and promoter of Salafist jihadism,[108] which forms the ideological basis of terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS and others. Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide, according to Hillary Clinton.[109] According to a secret December 2009 paper signed by the US secretary of state, “Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qaida, the Taliban, LeT and other terrorist groups.”


      2. By the way:

        Do you really think, terror groups like ISIS ect need REFUGEES to do terror attacks?


      3. See, this is some outcome of a terror attack in Nice, France, where nobody knows so far, WHO did it- an attack against a muslim center in Rhode Island, USA, thousands of miles away from Nice, France:

        ” Rhode Island Muslim Center Vandalized After Nice Attacks”

        What sense does that make? Absolutely none. You know, when the cold war between communism and capitalism ended, they needed a new ENEMY STEREOTYPE:

        Islam, the muslims.

        We want no global war between christians and muslims, some sort of “Religious, Godlike Apocalypse”, do we? I mean, there are extreme, insane christians and extreme, insane muslims, insanity on both sides. We don’t want that to escalate, do we? Beyond climate change, this would be the second worst nightmare I could imagine:

        A global war between christians and muslims.

        THIS is surely NOT what we want, right? So we should really take care, that this spiral of hatred does not escalate. It makes absolutely no sense, to blame some random refugees or some random muslim center. Terror groups like ISIS ect don’t need refugees, to commit terror attacks. And it makes absolutely no sense, to blame all muslims to be terrorists. We should be really careful, not to do that. I hear such things too here in Europe, the mood against refugees, the suspicion against the refugees being terrorists, is going around. That’s a crime. We can’t blame refugees, war refugees, like the syrian people, who struggle for their very life. No, we shouldn’t do that, because it’s infamous.

        Let’s concentrate, to work together globally, to mitigate climate change and not to provoke some STUPID <religious war between christians and muslims. I say that as an agnostic.


    2. @Finance of terror

      ” A long-classified U.S. report released Friday found that some of the 9/11 hijackers were in contact with and received support from individuals likely connected to the Saudi government. Known as the “28 pages,” the secret document was part of a 2002 Congressional Joint Inquiry into the Sept. 11 attacks and has been classified since the report’s completion, despite repeated calls for its release. The document, which the administration finally delivered to Congress earlier Friday, actually contains 29 pages. The pages also say that the inquiry obtained information “indicating that Saudi Government officials in the United States may have other ties to al-Qa’ida and other terrorist groups,” but the commission that authored them acknowledged that much of the info “remains speculative and yet to be independently verified.”

      Make your own sense of it.


    3. @John

      ” I’m the first one to say that countries should open their borders to REFUGEES BUT it seems like every single time they do, some of those self same REFUGEES turn around and start rioting in the streets demanding goods and services from countries that never had to open up their borders at all. Either that or the blasts begin again. Do people realize that middle eastern terrorists are holding the entire planet hostage?”

      Now, please read your very own statement again and you should realize, that your complete statement makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever. Minutes after you got the information about the Nice attack, you jump up like Jack in the Box, attacking REFUGEES for things, they are simply not accountable for. See, THE ATTACKER OF NICE GOT A FRENCH PASSPORT, HE WAS A FRENCH CITIZEN, NO REFUGEE. You showed a VERY TYPICAL reaction, typical in Europe as well as in the US. We could go into the PSYCHOLOGICAL and political reasons why that is, if you want to.

      And then you go on and you link REFUGEES directly to middle eastern terrorists:

      ” Do people realize that middle eastern terrorists are holding the entire planet hostage?”

      Would you please explain, what exactly do you mean by that ?! You want to know, who REALLY holds the entire planet in hostage? Well, then go here:

      If you want a planetary war between christians and muslims, then just go on with such vicious statements.


      1. Btw:

        There isn’t even a single PROVEN terror attack commited by refugees at all. Not a single one. We should HELP these refugees and foremost, we should try to solve the CAUSES of war- and climate change and not make it worse and worse by attacking the symptoms, namely refugees. Tomorrow we could be some refugee too.


  14. Hell is coming to breakfast in Turkey:

    ” 15.7.2016 – Turkey PM says attempted coup under way by military group

    Witnesses report military jets and helicopters flying overhead in Istanbul and Ankara, where gunshots were also reportedly heard…”

    Btw, the Erdogan clan got some good relations to ISIS:

    ” 25.6.2016 – Close relations linking ISIS with Erdogan’s regime”


  15. @bobcobbblog

    If you still think, that TTIP is no threat to social justice, climate mitigation and environmental issues:

    ” 14.7.2016 – The Environmental Threat of TTIP Exposed

    Ben Beachy, Sierra Club Responsible Trade Program joins Thom. On Monday – a new round of negotiations on the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership began – and a leaked chapter confirms what many of us already knew. This so-called free trade deal would be a disaster for the environment. Some of the environmentally destructive terms in the leaked draft of TTIP include requiring the U.S. and the EU “to eliminate all existing restriction on the export of natural gas in trade” – and obligating the two trade areas to “foster industry self-regulation” of energy efficiency – rather than using legally binding energy efficiency standards.


  16. Back to Doctor Guy McPherson. He wrote a new short essay, “On authority”. The takeaway for me, quote:

    ” In the occasional fit of hubris, I claim to be the world’s leading authority on near-term human extinction as a result of abrupt climate change.”

    Comments still closed at NBL so far. Well, what does that mean, “the world’s leading authority on near-term human extinction” ?! It means nothing, because there just isn’t any chair or professorship of “near term human extinction” at all. So, ANYONE could claim to be “the world’s leading authority on near-term human extinction”. In one of his video lectures he claimed, that he is “THE CAPTAIN, who does not leave the ship”. What does that mean? Captain of what? Captain of near term human extinction or what?! Again, no sense at all. But the most interesting part of his latest essay at NBL:

    No mention of 2030 anymore at all.

    IMO, we should try to prove him wrong, not so much by discussion, but by action. The ride will be tough enough absolutely for sure, with- or without Doctor Guy McPherson.


      1. Remember, what Jason Box said (see, your claim, that I ignored it, was wrong^^):

        He said, that any hysteria about methane would be wrong. I second that, as there is already more than enough hysteria out there (see islamophobia for instance ;-) ). BUT, in that vid above, he repeated MANY times:

        High risk.

        And he mentioned also, that there are several international ongoing studies and measurements related to (especially permafrost) methane out there. And that’s surely not for no reason. I guess, you remember Jason Box’s “If only a small fraction… we are f****”. He was very nervous at that time- for good reasons.

        Also: The number of methane induced craters in Siberia (mentioned in your refered article) is getting bigger, that’s an undeniable fact.


  17. SJ, So Shimek’s blowing smoke out his ass?

    Nemesis, the craters are not really that big a deal. And I, for one, did not ask for your opinion. Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn what you think. Now please knock it off and stop talking to me. You are one of the most annoying people I’ve ever dealt with.


    1. @dear bobcobbblog

      ” And I, for one, did not ask for your opinion. Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn what you think.”

      You did not ask for my opinion? Ok, that’s no problem. But I told my oponion nevertheless. You know, why that is? Simply because this is a free blog, where anybody can talk about his opinion frankly, as long, as he sticks the ordinary rules of courtesy. This is one of the main reasons, why I stick to this honest blog.

      You don’t give a damn about what I think. You keep repeating that. I do really respect that. But you offer bets to me and you still read my comments.


    2. I just don’t think you need me to give you a thumbs up/thumbs down on this. I think you know that work well enough to decide what is or isn’t accurate to say about it.


    3. Bryant, as SJ and others have mentioned before, this is a public forum. So, when you post a comment, you’re effectively inviting comment from anyone. It is pointless to keep saying “I didn’t ask you’re opinion”. Equally, no-one asks for your opinion, when you post, but you’re still welcome to post.

      Also, ignoring someone is really very easy. Just don’t reply!


  18. Nemesis, the problem is that you post way too many times with a lot of stuff that isn’t really that relevant or railing against that socioeconomic order. Mike and John stay on point with discussions, but you never do. You keep saying you’ll consolidate your posts, then you go back on your word. Personally, I would be very happy if you were banned. Fortunately for you, SJ is a better man than I am.


    1. ” Personally, I would be very happy if you were banned. Fortunately for you, SJ is a better man than I am.”

      You can ban people, but you can never ban reality. That’s the beauty of tough reality. I don’t care, if SJ is a “better” man. But he is COOL, obviously. You know, what I mean by “cool”?


      You STILL think, the (socio-) economic order got nothing to do with anthropogenic climate change ect ?! Well, you will learn more about systemic, natural interconnectedness, when ignorance of economy and anthropogenic climate change will have destroyed economy :-)


      1. See, McPherson calls people “idiot” and uses the funny “f”- word almost always, when he got into some dispute. He is NOT COOL.

        … just, to give you an example.


      2. I think it has everything to do with what types of energy we use and the companies wanting to protect their profits. The only way to get resolve these problems is through governmental actions, provided by proper voting and some pressure.


      3. SEE, now we get close to eachother!:

        ” I think it has everything to do with what types of energy we use and the companies wanting to protect their profits.”

        That’s ONE of the main points I am refering to all the time, dear bobcobbblog (see Exxon Mobil et al for instance)! So, the (socio-) economy got A LOT to do (not just) with anthropogenenic climate. And that’s really not hard to understand. Now, what’s the SOCIO- economic part of it all, you might ask. I give just one example on an individual level:

        I own a refrigerator. Problem is, it is maybe 30 years old. It waste’s a lot of energy, it eats more energy, than any other device in my household. I’d LOVE to get a more sustainable refrigerator, but I just can not afford it. Now, if the majority of the planet just can not afford sustainability, while a rich minority owns some shiny, stylish, high-cost refrigerators, then the majority will give a shit about sustainability, in fact, they MUST give a shit about sustainability, if he just can not afford it. And who will pay the price in the long run then? WE alltogether will pay the price.

        Another example, on a more global level:

        If the rich countries don’t respect socio- economic reality, then the poor countries will give a shit about sustainability. Some poor, southamerican campesino once said:

        ” You rich americanos talk about sustainability, while destroying the entire planet ?! I gotta fight for the survival for my family with teeth and claws every single day, I LIVE the darwinian survival every single minute, I don’t just talk about it. You care for the rainforest? Well, then GLOBAL JUSTICE has to take place. Otherwise, we will croak alltogether, like many of my fellow compatriots every day anyway.”


      4. THIS is hard reality, not some funny game of numbers or some study of climate models. If we don’t respect that, we are finished soon. I have not the slightest doubt here.


      5. ” All the more reason for me to vote Democratic in November ;) ”

        Well, I respect your optimism about the democrats. But the Clintons are not quite kosher, IMO. Hillary still represents the “american dream” of leadership ect. This dream is over. You know, who the real leadership is? Mother Nature and the majority of the GLOBAL PEOPLE, not some funny “elite”.


      6. See, the people vote right, they vote left and in the middle of it. They vote for reps, they vote for democrats and they vote for who the hell knows else. But the SYSTEM does NEVER change. The CIRCUS (latin for “circle”) does never change. The game does never change. There are honest and there are dishonest people in the game, changing all the time evermore. But the GAME does not change, the system does not change. And as long, as the system of corruption and doublethink and doublespeak and dirty money does not change, we are finished.

        We need a complete, Global Change Of Paradigm.


    2. I have to agree with Nemesis not staying on topic. This particular discussion is about climate change and though many, many aspects of our global civilisation impinge on that topic, to comment about other stuff without saying how it relates to climate change is just poor conduct. Ditto, the broken promise to consolidate. You don’t act like this on Real Climate, so why here?


      1. If you STILL think, my comments don’t relate to climate change, please read them again. Those, who deny systemic factors, hinder climate mitigation. That simple.


      2. Nemesis, I’m saying that many (not all) of your recent comments don’t include the relation to climate change. As I’ve said, much, or even all, of our civilisation does impact on climate change but your comments don’t always show that. This discussions topic is specifically about climate change and not the right place for sounding off about everything you dislike about our civilisation. I don’t necessarily disagree with what you’ve written but I’m not responding (usually) because this isn’t the right place for those opinions.


      3. ” As I’ve said, much, or even all, of our civilisation does impact on climate change but your comments don’t always show that. This discussions topic is specifically about climate change and not the right place for sounding off about everything you dislike about our civilisation.”

        Yoh, you even said, you want to see civilization brake down (so you like civ more, than I do?!) some months ago^^ But it’s NOT about civilization as a whole, it is about the POLITICAL, SOCIO-ECONOMIC SYSTEM, the system of greed and ignorance ! My comments don’t show that?! Man, almost every single comment of mine shows that desperately and therefore I am being critizised almost all the time. But anyway, if you really think, it is about “much, or even all, of our civilisation does impact on climate change”, well, then we need to SHUT DOWN CIVILIZATION or what ?! Whould that really be a “solution” in your opinion ?!


      4. @mikeroberts2013

        See, it’s NOT about civilization, but about crimes and denial and lies within a corrupt economic system:

        ” 18.7.2016 – Déjà vu: as with tobacco, the climate wars are going to court

        The fossil fuel industry copied Big Tobacco’s racketeering playbook. They’re following the same path to court, where tobacco lost

        Investigative journalism has uncovered a “web of denial” in which polluting industries pay “independent” groups to disseminate misinformation to the public and policymakers. The same groups and tactics were employed first by the tobacco industry, then fossil fuel companies. Big Tobacco has been to court and lost; now it’s Big Oil’s turn. Political leaders are choosing sides in this war.

        Research by Inside Climate News revealed that Exxon did top notch climate science research in the late 1970s and early 1980s, which revealed the dangers its products posed via climate change. Soon thereafter, Exxon launched misinformation campaigns by funding “think tanks” and front groups to manufacture doubt about climate science and the expert consensus on human-caused global warming.

        Exxon wasn’t alone. Koch Industries, Peabody Energy, and other fossil companies have similarly funneled vast sums of money to these groups. Last week, Senate Democrats, including presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and vice presidential contenders Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken signed a Resolution expressing congressional disapproval of the fossil fuel industry’s misinformation campaign. 19 Senate Democrats also took to the floor of the Senate to speak out against the web of denial, with repeated references to the tobacco/fossil connections…”


      5. Whould that really be a “solution” in your opinion ?!

        Of course. It wouldn’t be a solution for most people, though. The only “solution” that most would accept is one where the problem of climate change goes away but all the trappings of our current civilisation (including economic growth) continues. This is true for most “environmentalists” also, IMO. Again IMO, we can’t solve our environmental challenges and keep civilisation as we know it; those who yearn for that are living in a dream world.


      6. See, it’s NOT about civilization, but about crimes and denial and lies within a corrupt economic system

        Nemesis, those things are part of our civilisation. It would be nice to think that we can get rid of all the “bad” bits of our civilisation and keep all the good bits but this is impossible – our characteristic species behaviour will not allow only the good bits to remain. This is why I think climate change is a predicament that we can do nothing about (I use the word “can” in a practical sense – rather than “will” – since human nature can’t be changed by magical thinking).


  19. Global Change Of Paradigm.

    What do I mean by that? What I mean, is this:

    ” A man is born gentle and weak.
    At his death he is hard and stiff.
    Green plants are tender and filled with sap.
    At their death they are withered and dry.

    Therefore the stiff and unbending is the disciple of death.
    The gentle and yielding is the disciple of life.

    Thus an army without flexibility never wins a battle.
    A tree that is unbending is easily broken.

    The hard and strong will fall.
    The soft and weak will overcome.

    I know, that sounds funny for some “tough, realistic, materialistic, hard guys”. But it is no less, than the only recipe for our very own survival as a species.


    1. You know, what happens to an Empire, that just ignores reality, gravity? It sinks, literally:

      ” 14.7.2016 – What You Need to Know About the World’s Water Wars

      Underground water is being pumped so aggressively around the globe that land is sinking, civil wars are being waged, and agriculture is being transformed

      Beijing is sinking.

      In some neighborhoods, the ground is giving way at a rate of four inches a year as water in the giant aquifer below it is pumped.

      The groundwater has been so depleted that China’s capital city, home to more than 20 million people, could face serious disruptions in its rail system, roadways, and building foundations, an international team of scientists concluded earlier this year. Beijing, despite tapping into the gigantic North China Plain aquifer, is the world’s fifth most water-stressed city and its water problems are likely to get even worse.

      Beijing isn’t the only place experiencing subsidence, or sinking, as soil collapses into space created as groundwater is depleted. Parts of Shanghai, Mexico City, and other cities are sinking, too. Sections of California’s Central Valley have dropped by a foot, and in some localized areas, by as much as 28 feet…”


  20. With apologies for going off subject, I’ve been thinking about this whole Islamic terrorism thing. Something occured to me that may have already occured to everyone else here (I’m slow) but on the chance that it hasn’t, a thought. Could it be that we here in the west are mixing up the two completely separate groups (well, actually many groups) when we think about middle eastern terrorism?

    At least the way I’d always understood it, terrorists do their thing as protest for lands they feel was stolen from them. Or to remove unwanted influences from their countries. And of course, those things may ‘prime’ an already angry individual to follow an extremeist group. Something along those lines.

    But it seems to me, now that I think about it, that except for those who are engaged in a kind of tit for tat war, you shoot at us, we shoot at you, most of these people simply want what they believe is their property back and have generally been willing to engage in some kind of negotiations to reach that goal. It’s a matter of property rights. Something that can be fixed.

    Other groups. though, like Isis seem to have different goals. Their ‘efforts’ are religious in nature rather than a simple dispute over property rights. Their beef seems to be against anyone who doesn’t accept their world view or their brand of religion. Even hatred against all races non-arab. How can that be fixed?

    The point I’m trying to make is just that, while peace IS possible with Group #1, peace may be impossible with Group #2. Perhaps we in the west should understand the differences between the groups in question and focus our efforts on Group #2.

    For what it’s worth.


    1. ” How can that be fixed?”

      One big problem is, secret services overlap with terror groups too often, while the reasonable interests of single nations therefore must interfere. That’s a real problem. The money flow is foggy, very foggy. If you are rich, you can have a terror group. But if you are poor, you can never have any terror group in the long run. So, a young guy, who wants to “fight for his stolen property” will join an existing terror group. But he never knows, where the money is really coming from. These young guys, who want to fight for some stolen property, will mostly never get it back.

      And then there are the hardcore, religous individuals, who want to force islam or christianity or scientology or Dada on the entire globe by brute force, in the name of allah or jahwe or who the hell knows. These guys are often lifelong indoctrinated. Mentally, they live in an era before enlightenment, they are very hard to reach by reason indeed. But maybe this way:

      They need to learn, that they have to respect global, religious diversity. There will never ever be one single, religious group, who “won” against all other religious groups. These radical, religious groups and individuals need to realize, that they need to develope a global consciousness regarded to climate, ecology, socio economic justice, if they want to survive. They need to learn, that we can survive together, but never against eachother in the long run. Regarded to the funny fights of the different religions, I’d say:

      There is ONE light, but many lamps. Stop fighting about the lamps.


      1. This global, ONE light does not respect exclusivity in the long run:

        Not regarded to any lamp, not regarded to the climate, not regarded to water, not regarded to bread and not regarded to religion/spirituality. I mean, we all breathe the same air, we all drink the same water, we all live and die through the same cosmic spirit, call it Universe, or Kosmos, or gawd or gawddess or whatever. It makes no sense, to fight about any names, while dying off as a species :-)

        Any group, any individual, any species, who does not respect and even support diversity, will surely die out. We can learn that from Darwin or any biologist. This Kosmos is a manifestation of living diversity, not exclusivity. Btw, the rich folks should learn that too, as money appears to be some religion for some folks. When we destroy the planet, we destroy gawd and economy and our very own home. The truth, reality can never be defeated. This IS reality. Global, planetary and therefore cosmic reality.


      2. To understand religion/spirituality, we have to understand the realm of sleep, dreams and death. That’s the “dark” side of us as a Psyche. This dark side is the source of religion and culture in every aspect during the entire human history as a species. Religion, culture, art ect does not fall from heaven, from outside, but these things come from within, out of a time- and spaceless realm, manifesting in time and space through a permanent transformation. We are all influenced by this dark side through our sheer imagination, through our night- and daydreams, through our sleep and we will go back to it, when we die.

        To deal with our very own shortcomings, we have to deal with our inner demons and inner dwarfs and trolls and pixies and gods and PASSIONS, we need to confront ourselves with this dark side within. It makes no difference, if we “believe” in these IMAGES, MYTHS or not, we are influenced by them every second during our entire life from birth to death. We can not escape from this realm through rationalization, science, formulas, materialism, microscopes, telescopes or whatever. But, that’s exactly, what modern science desperately tries:

        To find some archimedic, material point out there and eliminate FUZZYNESS completely. Modern science wants 100% material prove of reality. Within a laboratory or written on a blackboard. But that’s not reality, it’s not life, it’s not nature, it’s just a MAP among many maps, but it’s not the entire territory, always only a small fragment of it as a map. So, we will never find the last elementary particle or the final mathematical formula (TOE). There just isn’t such a “thing”. Nature, reality is infinitely more than science or religion. Religion is one lamp, science another one.

        We are mostly trained to deal with the outer things, trying to deal with- and control the world around us. But who is really rooted within, consciously connected to the inner realm? As I said, it’s about a paradigm shift, to change the system, that causes anthropogenic climate change. If we are not connected within, we neither can be connected to the Kosmos we live in, nor to the planet, we live on. To nail it down in short:

        We have to change ourselves, not the formulas and models and numberz and technology and engineering ect. We can only deal with climate change, if we change ourselves.


  21. Today, I heard someone comparing ISIS with the “Black Lifes Matter” movement. Any thoughts on that?


  22. UN elders, like me, are worried about backtracking on Paris commitments:

    Presidents and prime ministers across the world are making investment decisions that run contrary the Paris deal, they warned. “Some countries are even increasing subsidies to fossil fuel production. This is simply not good enough. While all countries need to act, the industrialised and wealthy countries must lead by example.”


    1. ” UN criticises UK and Germany for betraying Paris climate deal”

      So much for Germany being “World Champion of Climate Mitigation”. The complete game is just a funny joke. Well then, let’ go on counting the steps to the cliff. MONEY, LIVE UP!


    2. Mike,
      Let’s keep track of the HFC talks this week and see what happens. That should give us a good barometer.


      1. It’s an update to the Montreal Protocol that would phase them out, cutting out .5C of warming. That would be a huge boost, to say the least.


  23. ” 15.7.2016 – Antarctic CO2 Hit 400 PPM For First Time in 4 Million Years

    We’re officially living in a new world.

    Carbon dioxide has been steadily rising since the start of the Industrial Revolution, setting a new high year after year. There’s a notable new entry to the record books. The last station on Earth without a 400 parts per million (ppm) reading has reached it…

    “The increase of carbon dioxide is everywhere, even as far away as you can get from civilization,” Pieter Tans, a carbon-monitoring scientist at the Environmental Science Research Laboratory, said.,,

    “Just because we have an agreement doesn’t mean the problem (of climate change) is solved,” Tans said.”


    ” 10.3.2016 – Unprecedented Spike in CO2 Levels in 2015″


  24. One of the main problems of the devastating drought in California is not “just” massive decline of water ressources, but contamination of remaining water ressources as well:

    How long can California deal with that two-fold problem of ever growing decline and contamination of water ressources at the same time?! There is NO end of that drought in sight. If no miracle happens, California will become a desert soon. No, I don’t believe in miracles, I do ONLY believe in tough and merciless reality- I learned that from the absolutely merciless, purely money-driven system :-)


    1. Btw, have you notized the UGLY picture at 7:08 in the vid? Make your own sense of it……………….


      1. Related news from Absurdistan:

        ” 17.7.2016 – Cleveland bans cans, tennis balls, rope near Republican convention but guns are allowed

        For security reasons, the City of Cleveland has banned a large list of items from public spaces outside this week’s Republican convention site, including metal-tipped umbrellas, water guns, string longer than six inches, canned goods and tennis balls.

        However, Ohio’s “open carry” law means most guns will still be allowed in the streets and sidewalks outside of the private event spaces….”


      2. When I mentioned, that the military is the biggest fossil fuel consumer worldwide at realclimate, some replied, that the military is about SECURITY, that the military is important regarded to anthropogenic climate change related security implications. How will the US fulfill that security mission, when at the same time there are 112.6 guns per 100 american citizens ?! Doesn’t undermine the US that very same SECURITY policy because of the US’s own gun laws?! I mean, imagine the US military trying to secure the US nation during climate induced possible social unrest, when 112.6 per 100 american citizens own GUNS?! Uh uh……. Aren’t the recent deaths of policemen in the US already a sign of a completely failed gun policy in the US ?!

        No, the american gun laws are not good for any american security at all. Like I said:

        Imagine climate induced security intervention of the american military, confronted with an armed american population…. civil war would be the outcome.


  25. The diversity of life across much of Earth has plunged below ‘safe’ levels

    “In an ambitious study that represents the latest merger between big data approaches and the quest to conserve the planet, scientists have found that across a majority of the Earth’s land surface — including some of its most important types of terrain and its most populous regions — the abundance or overall number of animals and plants of different species has fallen below a “safe” level identified by biologists.

    “The reason is not exactly a surprise — from grasslands to tropical forests, humans are using more and more land for agriculture, to live on, to build roads and infrastructure upon. When we take over, we clear the land or otherwise convert it for our purposes.

    ‘Shocking,’ ‘Plain Stupid’: Theresa May Shuts Climate Change Office

    “Less than a day after becoming the U.K.’s unelected leader, Prime Minister Theresa May closed the government’s climate change office, a move instantly condemned as “shocking” and “plain stupid.”

    “May shuttered the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) on Thursday and moved responsibility for the environment to a new Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. The decision comes the same week as the U.K. government’s own advisers warned in a report that the nation was not ready for the inevitable consequences of climate change, including deadly heat waves and food and water shortages.”


  26. @John

    ” The diversity of life across much of Earth has plunged below ‘safe’ levels”

    You name it. Thank you.

    Btw: Political DIVERSITY is threadened really badly these days too. Recip Erdogan benefits from the coup (what a surprise!). He is “cleaning” the judicative and executive of Turkey right now (thousands of imprisonments). In January this year, he said, he preferes the constitution installed by Adolf Hitler.

    Good night, Turkey.


    1. Wanna know, what HARD green could look like?:

      ” North Korea will create “mountains of gold” to combat climate change.

      Yes, North Korea is at the Paris climate talks, and yes, Kim Jong-un is acting just as creepy and egomaniacal as you’d expect. According to The Guardian, North Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs Ri Su-yong announced that the country’s Supreme Leader “has declared war on deforestation and has put forward a massive project to turn all the mountains of the country into mountains of gold, thickly wooded with trees.”

      While no one should poo-poo a nice tree-planting campaign, it’s interesting that Ri made no mention of his country’s number one source of CO2 emissions: coal. The fuel source amounted to a whopping 93 percent of North Korea’s 2008 CO2 emissions total. But the omission comes as no surprise: as the world’s 14th-largest producer of coal, North Korea relies heavily on the industry for income. It is the third-largest exporter of coal to China, the Regina George to North Korea’s Gretchen Wieners.

      And if the trees do get planted, you can bet it won’t be by a team of happy gardeners. North Korea has been repeatedly accused of Nazi-level atrocities against its citizens. Nine of the 15 members of the U.N. Security Council aim to hold a meeting tomorrow on human rights in North Korea, though two major players, China and Russia, might block the session, according to Reuters.”

      What a bad joke that is. But it could be the terrifying future. “Climate mitigation” through brute force.


  27. @mikeroberts2013

    “Whould that really be a “solution” in your opinion ?!”

    ” Of course. It wouldn’t be a solution for most people, though. The only “solution” that most would accept is one where the problem of climate change goes away but all the trappings of our current civilisation (including economic growth) continues. This is true for most “environmentalists” also, IMO. Again IMO, we can’t solve our environmental challenges and keep civilisation as we know it; those who yearn for that are living in a dream world.”

    ” See, it’s NOT about civilization, but about crimes and denial and lies within a corrupt economic system”

    Nemesis, those things are part of our civilisation. It would be nice to think that we can get rid of all the “bad” bits of our civilisation and keep all the good bits but this is impossible – our characteristic species behaviour will not allow only the good bits to remain. This is why I think climate change is a predicament that we can do nothing about (I use the word “can” in a practical sense – rather than “will” – since human nature can’t be changed by magical thinking).”

    So, you think, CORRUPTION is “just a part of civilization”. Man, I got a DIFFERENT definition of CIVILIZATION. CORRUPTION is NO civilized behaviour, IMO. See, we got a DIFFERENT opinion about civilized behaviour.

    You think, like McP, we are finished anyway? Well, then McP’s blog would be the better place for you, IMO.

    ” This is why I think climate change is a predicament that we can do nothing about (I use the word “can” in a practical sense – rather than “will” – since human nature can’t be changed by magical thinking).”


    I thought, your blog is about solving the climate crisis. Or is your blog just MAGICAL THINKING?! According to Sir mikeroberts2013, it is magical thinking…..


    1. @mikeroberts2013

      Man, do you realize, that you are telling the same SHIT, that any CORRUPT guy tells ?! ALL corrupt people say:

      ” Well, corruption is just a part of civilization, we can do nothing about it !”


      1. I need to correct format, so anyone can see, WHAT it’s ALL about:

        See, this is NO civilized behaviour.


      2. This is getting off the subject but I’m not saying that nothing can be done about it (that is, when discovered and made public, it should be stamped on) but that it will always exist in a civilisation.


      3. A lot can be done against corruption. See here about solutions:

        Prevention, criminalization, international cooperation, asset recovery

        Strengthen democracy- by ratifying and enacting the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)
        Promote Justice- by reporting incidents of corruption
        Support education- by investing in and protecting funds for education
        Bring prosperity- by refusing to participate in any activities that are not legal and transparent
        Safeguard development- by knowing what the UNCAC requires of your government and its officials

        And much more:

        After all: If the multinational corporations (and the people behind em) and economy want to survive, they need to stop corruption. That simple. Corrpuption destroys economy, so, corruption destroys money, the very interest of corporations in the long run.


    2. I advice any one, to read THAT very carefully, VERY carefully:

      ” It all started on Monday, June 27 with Steven J. Milloy and his outlandishly untruthful claim “Michael Mann says there is no need for statistics.”

      Milloy, who actually calls himself the “junk man” with no apparent sense of irony, is a denier-for-hire who happily takes money from tobacco interests, chemical interests and of course fossil fuel interests to do their dirty work, attacking seemingly any scientist whose findings threaten their financial bottom line.

      Milloy frequently publishes columns in the notorious Washington Times. Which brings us to the next stage of the affair …

      Later that same day, the Washington Times—a paper founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church, ran a piece by one Valerie Richardson entitled Michael Mann, scientist: Data ‘increasingly unnecessary’ because ‘we can see climate change.’

      Somehow “tools” have become “data.” It almost seems like they’re going out of their way to misrepresent my statements, doesn’t it?

      Almost as if to demonstrate that they too have absolutely no sense of irony, the Washington Times referred to me in the piece as a “Leading climate doomsayer” (the Unification Church, you see, is often considered a doomsday cult). The Washington Times also happens to be closely tied to ALEC—a Koch Brothers-funded organization that promotes climate change denialism and subverts efforts to incentivize renewable energy.”



      Cheers to all doomsayers 8-)


      1. It is absolutely no news, that there are SICK rightwing doomsday prophets out there, waiting for the “Final Battle”, when “gawd” will send em, the “elite”, to heaven, while sending the inferior rest to hell. Gnahahaha- enjoy that piece for instance:

        ” Five Failed Right-Wing Prophecies And Predictions Of 2015″

        Yeah, you need to have THREE eyes at least, to see through all the sick distortion.


      2. Now, WHO are the REAL DOOMERZ ?! Gnahaha….

        Message to the RIGHTWING “ELITE” DOOMERZ:

        You will get your “Judgement Day”, it will be just a little different from what you were wishing/praying for 3:-)

        … haaaaahahahaha 3:-)


    3. Nemesis, maybe your definition of civilisation is different from mine. It’s really characterised by the rise of cities but our current one definitely involves things like capitalism and exploitation. I’m not sure that it’s possible to only have the features of civilisation that you want. Haven’t all civilisations had corruption? Of course you don’t like its being part of civilisation and neither do I but that’s the way it is.

      The magical thinking I’m talking about is that, somehow, the behaviour of a species (in our case, Homo sapiens) can be changed. A species’ characteristic behaviour does, to some extent, depend on its environment so I would expect humans to act in a different way eventually but their instincts will remain the same. For now, I don’t expect it to change, before it’s too late. I might be wrong, though. Just today, I see that an Australian minister is getting right behind an expansion of coal extraction and the leader of the Phillipines is saying that his country won’t honour the pledge made in the Paris agreement. Did you not expect those things to happen?

      This particular discussion is just about climate change. There is a solutions discussion also. Click on the Discussions link in the sidebar.


      1. Yeah, I know about Australia and expected it. And I know about the Phillipines. But CORRUPTION is commited by a very small fraction of the global population. So you just can not say, that it is part of civilisation. Instead, it is part of a corrupt minority, it is part of a flawed economic system.


      2. I’m glad you expected the Australian behaviour; it’s the kind of thing we should expect across the globe as immediate economic advantage trumps environmental survival.

        Of course, a minority of the population commits acts that are despicable but that doesn’t mean it’s possible to have civilisation without them. Civilisation enables them. The accumulation of wealth is the universal meme. That doesn’t mean every last person is on that bandwagon but it does mean that, collectively, humans will support (but not overtly) more environmental degradation rather than sustainability. Civilisation destroys the environment. Ours is no different.


      3. It’s not hard, to expect specific things. You know, that I am a pessimist, when it comes to politics and economics and I get much punishment for that fact alone. But if you say, that civ is the root problem, then we would be finished. I guess, you know, that McP says the same. If he and you would be right, well, then we should prepare for death. I did that all my life, so I have no problem with death. But almost nobody would eat, that we are finished, specially not the rich folks, they will fight until their very last bullet. And what about the children?


      4. Btw:

        You second the prosecution of Exxon Mobil et al, right? I mean, civilization is one thing, but CRIME, permanent lies about anthropogenic climate change, perfidious denial about anthropogenic climate change, robbing entire continents during many decades through brute force and corruption is a completely different animal. They will be prosecuted for sure. Nobody can ever escape his very own Karma in the long, I guarantee that.


      5. Nemesis, you have to understand something about what I’m saying. I don’t condone actions just because they are inevitable. I just try to understand the world. I don’t like a lot of what I understand the world to be and what I understand civilisation to enable. But it is what it is. The bad things in this world (mostly, but not exclusively, committed by Homo sapiens) are still bad to me but they can’t be eradicated. That’s life, as they say.

        It is because humans are, well, humans, that there cannot be a solution (i.e. fixing the problem) to climate change and other environmental predicaments. I’m not sure how many more decades of inaction are needed to get that message through (probably an infinite number). I expect the worst but hope for the best.


  28. Hahaha, now, THAT’S interesting:

    ” 19.7.2016 – The Koch and Exxon Funded Think Tanks Supporting, and Being Courted by, Britain’s Brexit Campaigners

    The Republican National Convention kicks off this week in Cleveland, Ohio and among the crowd clamouring to see Donald Trump will be one man who crossed the Atlantic to be there: Nigel Farage.

    The former head of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) helped lead Britain’s vote to leave the European Union (EU) and is famous for saying last year “I haven’t got a clue whether climate change is being driven by carbon-dioxide emissions.”

    But he’s made the trip this week to deliver a message to Republicans that the UK’s vote to leave the EU, or ‘Brexit’, holds lessons for America.

    This isn’t the first time Farage and other Brexit campaigners have visited the US to talk shop. Exactly one year ago Farage delivered a speech to the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C. where he made the case for the US to support Brexit.

    Prior to that in March 2015 ahead of the UK general election, the Heritage Foundation hosted former environment secretary and climate science denier Owen Paterson who also called for the US to back Britain’s “new global role” outside of the EU.

    And while it may be easy to laugh off as ridiculous Lord Christopher Monckton’s calls for Texas to ‘Texit’, under the surface there appears to be a growing alliance between the Koch- and Exxon-funded American think tanks and Britain’s prominent pro-Brexit politicians and organisations.

    This alliance is one which holds in common a disdain for State intervention and top down regulations, along with a uniform dismissal of climate science.

    In fact, the US think tanks linked to Brexit campaigners can be found in the ‘Web of Denial’ denounced by a group of 19 Democratic Senators last week. This Web of Denial has helped to spawn and support climate science denial in the UK.

    As mapping by DeSmog UK shows, there are deep-rooted connections between those who campaigned for Brexit (and now form part of the new government) and those who deny the science on climate change…”

    The more I learn, the more I get SICK OF IT 3:-)


  29. Yoh, Mr. Schneiderman et al, GO FOR IT and teach em CIVILIZED BEHAVIOUR:

    ” A.G. Schneiderman Announces Suit Against Volkswagen Alleging Company Sold Illegally Polluting Cars

    New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey and Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh announced lawsuits today against Volkswagen AG and its affiliates Audi AG and Porsche AG, as well as their American subsidiaries, for the automakers’ sale of diesel automobiles (including over 25,000 in New York, 15,000 in Massachusetts and 12,935 in Maryland) that were fitted with illegal “defeat devices” that concealed illegal amounts of harmful emissions these cars spewed– and then allegedly attempting to cover-up their behavior.”


    1. “These suits should serve as a siren in every corporate board room, that if any company engages in this type of calculated and systematic illegality, we will bring the full force of the law — and seek the stiffest possible sanctions — to protect our citizens,” Schneiderman said.


      See, this is about CIVILIZATION as well:



  30. I know that when I come here, 90% of the posts I’ll see will be from Nemesis. This has really become the Nemesis blog and the rest of us just comment on his posts. Nemesis, I hope one day you can try to learn to condense your posts, make them shorter and fewer. And less vindictive.

    By the way, talking about vindictiveness, as I’ve said before, I think a Trump Presidency would be a disaster, but I have to say, I’ve grown tired of seeing the nearly daily videos of hippies going from one RNC convention to another screeching at the attendees, taunting everyone on the other side of the line, threatening old people simply because they disagree with their world view. Reminds me of the videos I’ve seen of the rise of Nazism decades ago. So much for tolerance.


    1. Yes, most comments here are written by me. Maybe write more coments, dear John^^ You compare some hippies with the NAZIS ?! Man, that sucks. I am from Germany and I tell you, if you compare hippies with NAZISM, then you got absolutely no idea of Nazism whatsoever. Your comparison SUCKS. You seem to confuse now and then. You did that with refugees an muslim terrorists too. STOP that sick comparisons, it leads to nowhere at all. It is ugly and embarassing.


      1. To give you an idea of NAZISM:

        You think, some hippies will ever gain enough power, to commit such nightmare ?! Man, I know a lot of Nazism and Fashism To get back to climate change and the oily industry:

        Did you know, that Standard Oil, IBM, Ford ect ect ect made good business with the german Nazis? Did you know, that the US Time Magazin celebrated Hilter on it’s front cover in 1938 and in 1939, US Time Magazine celebrated Josef Stalin^^


      2. And did you know, that many deniers here in Germany compare the climate movement with NAZISM ?! Yeah, that’s a fact and I know, why that is:

        It is typical fashist tactics.


      3. Learn about the OIL INDUSTRY, fashism and the Nazis:

        ” The history of the last century is the history of oil. Due in part to catastrophes like the oil spill from the Exxon Valdez on March 24th 1989 and the recent increase in reporting on Global Warming, by now most people are at least passively aware of the environmental dangers involved with the world’s dependency on oil. According to Project Underground, the California based industry watchdog, petroleum exploration currently threatens old growth frontier forests in 22 countries, coral reefs in 38 countries, and mangroves in 46 countries. Keep in mind that this is just what is being destroyed while these corporate giants look for future sites to exploit. Given the incredible danger this industry represents to humanity, one might ask what kind of people would continue to push the world into ever greater use of petroleum products while simultaneously thwarting efforts to develop alternatives such as renewable energy sources. Well would it be any surprise that they would be the same type of people that would actively collaborate with the Nazis and the Japanese fascists during the second world war, or the types of people who today would employ military death squads against peaceful protesters? This space is far to short to give even a superficial introduction to the history of back room deals with dictators, violence, murder, and genocide which is synonymous with the history of oil, but just to illustrate my point I will briefly discuss some of the lower points in the history of Standard Oil and its progeny.

        The Standard Oil Trust was dissolved under court order in 1911 creating many smaller regional companies, including Standard Oil of New Jersey (Exxon), Standard Oil of New York (Mobil), Standard Oil of California (Chevron), Standard Oil of Ohio (Sohio), Standard Oil of Indiana (Amoco), Continental Oil (Conoco), and Atlantic Oil (ARCO). By 1941 Standard Oil of New Jersey was the largest oil company in the world, controlling 84 percent of the U.S. petroleum market. Its bank was Chase and its owners were the Rockefellers. J.D. Rockefeller had always argued that two things were essential to the oil industry’s survival: checking “ruinous competition” and “cooperation.” Given the success of his monopoly at making enormous profits for its investors while at the same time destroying any form of competition and keeping prices artificially high, it seems quite clear whose survival he was really talking about.

        After the Rockefellers, the next largest stockholder in Standard Oil was I.G. Farben, the giant German chemical company. This investment was part of a pattern of reciprocal investments between the U.S. and Germany during the Nazi years. During the Great Depression, Germany was viewed as a hot area in which to invest….”


  31. You know, who STANDARD OIL is, right? It is the criminal company, that colaborated with the german Nazis and fashism and later became… right, EXXON MOBIL

    ” Standard Oil Co. Inc. was an American oil producing, transporting, refining, and marketing company. Established in 1870 by John D. Rockefeller as a corporation in Ohio, it was the largest oil refiner in the world of its time.[7] Its controversial history as one of the world’s first and largest multinational corporations ended in 1911, when the United States Supreme Court ruled that Standard Oil was an illegal monopoly.

    Standard Oil dominated the oil products market initially through horizontal integration in the refining sector, then, in later years vertical integration; the company was an innovator in the development of the business trust. The Standard Oil trust streamlined production and logistics, lowered costs, and undercut competitors. “Trust-busting” critics accused Standard Oil of using aggressive pricing to destroy competitors and form a monopoly that threatened consumers…

    On May 15, 1911, the US Supreme Court upheld the lower court judgment and declared the Standard Oil group to be an “unreasonable” monopoly under the Sherman Antitrust Act, Section II. It ordered Standard to break up into 90 independent companies with different boards of directors, the biggest two of the companies were Standard Oil of New Jersey (which became Exxon) and Standard Oil of New York (which became Mobil).[40]

    Standard’s president, John D. Rockefeller, had long since retired from any management role. But, as he owned a quarter of the shares of the resultant companies, and those share values mostly doubled, he emerged from the dissolution as the richest man in the world.[41] The dissolution had actually propelled Rockefeller’s personal wealth…”


    1. Dear John,

      see, you do not have to be afraid, that the Nazis will ever get to power again and if so, they will be finished instantly, simply because their SICK ideology just does not fit to the realities and massive problems of the 21. century. The Nazis are outdated, they have been overtaken by history. Believe me:

      Lovely, ANGRY Mother Nature will protect us from Nazism in the long run :-)


  32. @mikeroberts2013

    You mentioned the Phillipines. Yes, they will not sign the VOLUNTARY Paris agreement. That’s a problem, I talked about may times:

    The Paris agreement got no legal bindings.

    Another problem, even bigger than the one I mentioned, is the fact, that there is a HUGE SOCIO-ECONOMIC SCHISM between the socalled “1.” World and the socalled “2nd” and “third” world. See, no global socio-economic Justice simply means NO reasonable, global climate mitigation. Do or die^^ That simple. So, in some sense, the socalled “2nd” and the socalled “third” world got the socalled “1.” world in captivity :-)


  33. I remember the time, when the rich, western countries of the northern hemisphere believed and claimed, that “the poor countries of the southern hemisphere will be hit hardest by climate change, but not the northern hemisphere, who will be able to grow even better wine” ect…. uh uh, these days are (or will be) over very, very soon. Some call it bad luck, others call it Justice, Karma. Yes, Mother Nature got her very own Balance in the long run. See USA, month of June 2016 for instance:

    ” U.S. Selected Significant Climate Anomalies And Events June 2016″


    1. Multi-year persistence of the 2014/15 North Pacific marine heatwave.

      ” Between the winters of 2013/14 and 2014/15 during the strong North American drought, the northeast Pacific experienced the largest marine heatwave ever recorded. Here we combine observations with an ensemble of climate model simulations to show that teleconnections between the North Pacific and the weak 2014/2015 El Niño linked the atmospheric forcing patterns of this event. These teleconnection dynamics from the extratropics to the tropics during winter 2013/14, and then back to the extratropics during winter 2014/15, are a key source of multi-year persistence of the North Pacific atmosphere. The corresponding ocean anomalies map onto known patterns of North Pacific decadal variability, specifically the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation (NPGO) in 2014 and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) in 2015. A large ensemble of climate model simulations predicts that the winter variance of the NPGO- and PDO-like patterns increases under greenhouse forcing, consistent with other studies suggesting an increase in the atmospheric extremes that lead to drought over North America.”


  34. Uh, they got real intense flight traffic over there 8-) Click and just wait for 3 seconds, then a video will jump in:

    Hmm, sure, that’s completely regular, no need to worry about anything 8^


      1. I mean, what do you think, when you see that? I mean, I don’t know, maybe I just can’t trust my eyes anymore^^ I feel like I am in a movie or something, when I watch that vid. Regular? Common sense? Ok, let’s move on 8-)


      2. Let’s move on, just like corruption, ignorance, the temperature and what have you, through the roof, 8-)


  35. @mikeroberts2013

    No matter what, civilization is NO excuse for SHEER CRIME:

    ” New Documents Reveal Denial Playbook Originated with Big Oil, Not Big Tobacco

    Washington, DC – New research by the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) not only confirms that the tobacco and fossil fuel industries used a shared playbook, but also suggests that playbook originated not with tobacco—as long assumed—but with the oil industry itself.

    As evidence mounts of the oil industry’s decades-long campaign of climate deception and denial, its allies have dismissed any parallels to the tobacco industry’s campaign of cancer denial. More than 100 industry documents drawn from the Tobacco Industry Archives demonstrate not only the legitimacy of the comparison between big oil and tobacco, but also reveal direct connections between these industries that go back far earlier than previously thought.

    “From the 1950s onward, the oil and tobacco firms were using not only the same PR firms and the same research institutes, but many of the same researchers,” said CIEL President Carroll Muffett. “Again and again we found both the PR firms and the researchers worked first for oil, then for tobacco. It was a pedigree the tobacco companies recognized, and sought out.”

    In one notable example, Stanford Research Institute – which proved instrumental in oil industry attacks on smog science in the 1950s and warned industry execs of climate risks in the 1960s – was funded under secret tobacco industry accounts to build a machine to test for workplace carbon monoxide. Similarly, mathematician Theodor Sterling, recognized by both tobacco executives and investigators as one of the industry’s most important assets in the fight against cancer science, worked on behalf of oil company interests before joining the tobacco fight.

    “Big Oil created the organized apparatus of doubt,” Muffett said. “It used the same playbook of misinformation, obfuscation, and research laundered through front groups to attack science and sow uncertainty on lead, on smog, and in the early debates on climate change. Big Tobacco used and refined that playbook for decades in its fight to keep us smoking – just as Big Oil is using it now, again, to keep us burning fossil fuels.”

    Today’s release scratches the surface of a vast trove of more 14 million formerly confidential documents in the Tobacco Industry Archives, many of which remain under seal. “These documents represent, at most, half of the story: the tobacco half,” notes Muffett. “The rest of this story—including vital truths about the history of climate deception – remains hidden in the oil industry’s files. Six decades of denial and deception is six too many. We owe it to ourselves, and to future generations, to bring that truth to light.”…”


    1. You know, dear mikeroberts2013, corruption might be part of civilization, but the law is part of civilization as well. That simple.


      1. The very same “elite”, that installed the law of modern society some 8000 years ago, will be punished by the very same law, as they are surely NOT above the law, nor are they in any way above reality, causality, truth and their very own Karma. NOBODY is.


      2. AND THEY WILL FEEL THE SUFFERING, that comes with crimes, denial, brute force exploitation and climate change, as well. You think, civilization is the root cause of our demise? You think, it will brake down? Well, they and their children will face it TOO, no way around that for sure.


  36. SJ, If you’re reading this, I’m calling for Nemesis to be banned. It’s like Inundation Central around here.


    1. Why don’t you just leave it to SJ? See, this is not your blog. Don’t you think, SJ can rely on his very own brain?

      About inundation:

      The real inundation is on the way anyway, with- or without me, be sure about that.

      Or is it, that you just don’t like the CONTENT of my comments?^^


      1. @Sir Bryant Michael Morganelli aka bobcobbblog


        What do you think about the prosecution of Exxon Mobil et al? What do you think about the Law and Justice?


      2. Ok, you must not answer. You said, you prefer the democrats. Well, you might know, that the democrats are behind that prosecution of Exxon Mobil et al. I have to say, that I got GREAT respect for attourney Schneiderman et al. He got style, he is cool. No matter what:

        Injustice must stop and it will stop, one way or another.


  37. SJ, your blog has been hijacked. Have you considered just putting a daily cap on the number and/or length of posts?


      1. Hahaha, I knew, you’d love hippies. Inundation? Yoh, when you are in that kinda situation, you don’t discuss anything anymore, no CO2 numbers, no climate models, no politics, no profit, you just act, instinctively, just like any other animal:

        Right now, there is extreme flooding in huge areas in China going on again:


    1. Is it time for the monthly talk again, already?

      I’m not banning people willy-nilly, and I’d like Bryant to stop asking. But Nemesis, you have got to stop using the blog this way. Every time I say this, you say you understand… and then we’re here again. There are a very small handful of people who visit here. Every one of them has asked you not to post 10 or 15 times a day, this repetition of snippets of things you’ve said countless times before or tangential info dumps no one can engage with. You’re rarely talking to anyone here, you’re more just talking at a room. How many times have I asked you to find a new venue (your own blog) for this kind of thing? I don’t think anyone can keep up with what you’re posting. Honestly, I rarely read it, because I’m getting an email about a new post of yours every half hour or so. And I’ve learned that if I do reply about some topic, I’m likely to get a rapid series of posts on a pile of related topics that I’ll never be able to keep up with, anyway. If you’re just writing because it’s therapeutic to keep writing these things, this just isn’t the place for it. Can we come to some sort of agreement about the way you’re going to use this forum? Because we’ve failed to do so three or four times, already.

      It seems that 75 percent of my interaction with these threads is now attempts at moderation. That feels shitty. Can we please improve the value of this place by sharing it more effectively? Raise the signal to noise ratio? Post things we think other people will want to see? Avoid poking each other just to get in a jab or get a rise out of someone? (Do I kill our German guest with all these American/English idioms I use all the time?)

      This thread has gotten bloated, anyway. How about I start up a fresh one and we go from there?

      Liked by 1 person

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